Manage your sales lead and customer data with the Exo CRM Module. Store, manage and update all your contacts from a centralised database.

    Comprehensive customer information management is imperative in modern business. Achieve reduction in the time and costs associated with CRM activities by using the EXO CRM Module. Track all stages of the customer experience using one system.

    The MYOB EXO CRM Module offers the capability to:

    • Manage customer information for all your customers and empower your sales staff by combining with EXO OnTheGo Launch and manage marketing campaigns: Track the entire process and determine return on investment.
    • Segment contacts: Filter contact lists to tailor communications to targeted groups.
    • Incorporate social media: Reach out to existing and potential customers in the social space. Engage users across multiple platforms and nurture meaningful relationships.
    • Integrate with other MYOB EXO Modules: Access the full spectrum of customer information at any time, including pricing and orders. Identify and capitalise on opportunities.
    • Manage daily tasks: Use the My Day tool to manage task and maintain a clear line of sight on key objectives.
    • Analyse sales performance and budgets: Track sales against organisational goals and develop data-driven budgets.
    • Manage Inventory: Live tracking of stock levels to accurately assist with customer enquiries.

    MYOB EXO CRM allows a complete Customer Relationship Management to operate from one system.

    The team at Indivia create customised solutions that can be integrated into your existing business systems.

    Contact us today to learn how we can enhance your customer relationship management and stay up to date with what is happening in your business.