MYOB EXO Employer Services

    Manage, streamline and automate your human resource record management from planning rosters to employee communication.

    Platform Capabilities

    Take control of staff administration and meet all requirements as an employer with MYOB EXO Employer Services.

    Create open communication and clear management practices. Ensure that your staff are informed, organised and well managed at any time, wherever they may be working.


    MYOB EXO Employer Services helps businesses with a staff of 20, all the way up to 1,000 employees.

    Over time your business will change and grow. The MYOB EXO Employer Services fits into the bigger picture, as a component of a completely integrated system. Additional modules can be added to enhance your ERP as required.

    Platform Capabilities

    Simplify the intricacies of managing your organisation whilst supporting your supporting HR management.

    Key Benefits

    Manage your payroll

    Manage up to 2,000 pays at once including tax, all entitlements and illness automatically.

    Enhanced Payroll Reporting

    Learn more about your staff and your organisation with a broad range of reporting functions. EXO Employer Services also provides you with the option of creating customised reporting functions with the in built report tool.

    Empower your team

    Any of your staff can log in remotely and securely to access and update their own personal details. All information is stored safely online.

    Increase performance

    Add functionality with our ERP systems and elevate your business with support the entire way. Indivia have solutions to suit your needs, helping you adapt to changes and grow your organisation.

    Need More Information?

    We recommend amalgamating your EXO ERP platform with any of the EXO Employer Service or Indivia Modules to create turnkey solutions that suit your business.

    Please contact us for more information or to arrange a demonstration.