MYOB EXO Finance

    Improve the organisation wide visibilty of your finances whilst simplifying your data analysis with MYOB's powerful enterprise accounting module.

    MYOB EXO Finance provides you with overarching control over the accounting and distribution management of your entire business.

    Access to complete information simplifies key decision making processes within your organisation.

    The EXO Finance Module gives you the confidence to manage all aspects of business operations and a range of stakeholders including customers, employees and suppliers.

    Implementing the MYOB EXO Finance Module gives you the ability to easily manage:
    • Inventory movement
    • Sales processing
    • Business administration
    • performance analysis
    • process streamlining
    • customer relationships
    How MYOB EXO Finance can help you:

    Manage Relationships: EXO Finance equips you with the tools to enhance all customer and supplier relationships, all in one convenient, centralised location.

    Track the effectiveness and reach of marketing campaigns and sales activity.

    EXO Finance simplifies all financial activities across your business and reduces inefficiencies in information handling.

    Report accurately and easily: Use accurate and timely data to dictate the direction of your business. Pull relevant information together at your convenience and access it wherever you are.

    Customise: All businesses have unique requirements and intricacies. EXO Finance allows you to fully integrate ledger specifications, generate automatic bank reconciliations and manage incoming and outgoing accounts your way.

    Track inventory in real time:

    EXO Finance provides the ability to track all inventory movement in real time, with complete serial number identification and product attribute management.

    Enhance business analytics – Define the requirements and outputs of your analysis and create personalised dashboards that visually represent internal activity of your business.

    EXO Finance is flexible and dynamic, offering user-defined components to deliver the most relevant information anytime at any location with internet access.

    Need More Information?

    We recommend using the EXO Finance Module in conjunction within your EXO solution to maintain total control and visibility of your financial business needs.

    Please contact us for more information or to arrange a demonstration.