MYOB EXO Customised for Mobile Devices

    MYOB EXO for mobile will transform your business, streamlining data entry and processing and ensure live data can be shared across your team.

    In a connected world, your business must remain agile. If you are flexible, you can respond to competing deadlines. You can save time and money by doing things on the move. You can manage organisational activities across various locations without skipping a beat.

    With the help of MYOB EXO for Mobile, employees have access to the same information as in the office. Have confidence that your employees deliver quotes and manage the order process from any location. MYOB EXO Mobile provides a browser based app, allowing direct login.

    You can provide accurate information to reduce transaction, delivery and quoting errors. Customer satisfaction is the key goal for any business. MYOB EXO mobile offers a platform to manage expectations and deliver results from a laptop or tablet. Indivia can customise solutions for your business to mobilise your operations. Reduce wastage, error and delay with confidence today.

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