Indivia EXO Freight & Logistics Modules

    i-Pod and i-Freight are two modules designed for organisations that have advanced logistics requirements from their EXO solution.

    The i-Pod Module
    Indivia’s i-POD is a proof of delivery application, designed specifically for delivery drivers. The applications runs on Windows Mobile enabled PDA’s, such as the rugged M3 device. Proof of Deliver signatures are captured at time of delivery, and sent back to EXO as a permanent record for that sales order.


    The delivery driver can select or enter the order / delivery docket number to load the sales order. Alternatively, using the optional scanning function, the driver can scan the delivery docket to load the order. Once the order items are listed on the device, the recipient can check off items or enter box quantities, and sign for receipt. The signature, along with order reference and persons name, is sent back to EXO upon saving the delivery record. The signature is captured as an image, and is stored in the documents tab of EXO.

    The i-Freight Module
    Indivia’s i-Freight module provides integration between EXO sales orders and the freight forwarding organisation. Our freight partner provdies options for Australia Post, Couriers Please, Fastway, TNT, Toll, Startrack, Allied, and many more. The process works as follows:
    1. Sales order is entered, and optionally, the preferred freight company selected on the order
    2. Order number is entered in to the freight system, and all order line data is automatically populated in to the freight system.
    3. The consignment note is printed with labels.
    4. The manifest is created and printed, and costs applied.
    5. All data is automatically sent back to EXO, including tracking number, and shipping costs.
    6. Consignment tracking number is visible on the EXO sales order, and shipping costs are automatically added as a line on the EXO sales order.
    7. The EXO sales order is processed, supplying the goods from inventory, and generating a customer invoice including the freight costs.


    When used in conjunction with the Indivia i-Track on-line customer ordering portal, the customer can login and immediately see the status of their order, the tracking number, freight costs, and the actual invoice created.

    Optional triggered emails can be sent to the customer at any point in the process, eg Order Entered (thank you for your order), Order Picked (your order has been picked and packed in our warehouse), Order Shipped (your order has been shipped, here is the tracking number), Order Invoiced (please find attached your invoice for order number xxxxx, thank you for your business).

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