Indivia EXO Sales Modules

    i-Sales Order, i-Track and i-POS are Indivia's custom built application modules designed to assist and improve the end-to-end sales process - from mobile sales through to point of sale solutions.

    About i-Sales Order
    Our mobile sales order module application named i-Sales Order is designed to enable users to create, access, and edit sales orders while out of the office. Using the integrated scanner, users can create sales orders and scan on items required, as in a merchandising environment. Features include:


    • Create sales order
    • Edit sales order
    • View sales order
    • Signature capture on order as confirmation

    About i-Track
    Our i-Track module provides customers and sales people on-line access to customer account information, such as aged balances, sales order history, sales order status, invoice and payment history and drill-down to view individual items on an invoice, and the ability to look up stock items, view pricing, and place orders online.


    The sales person login displays a list of customer accounts allocated to that particular sales person. Selecting an account immediately shows the accounts aged balances. The sales person then has the option of entering an order on behalf of the customer. Orders entered are immediately created as sales orders in EXO. The customer login provides all the sales person functionality, but is limited to showing only the customers own information.


    Customer’s can view the status of existing sales orders, as they are processed through EXO, for example: Picked, Shipped, Invoiced, including freight company tracking information if used in conjunction with the i-Freight module.

    About i-POS (Point of Sale)
    The i-POS module provides a flexible point of sale application, ideal for trade counter situations, where complete access to all business information is required at the press of a button. The module also includes the ability to incorporate any format of invoice lines and caculations as may be required, such as timber lengths, weights, volumes, m2, linear metres, and pricing calculations based on combination of any number of factors for a given item.
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