Indivia EXO Service Management Modules

    Indivia's i-WorkOrders, i-WebTimesheet, i-TimeCapture, i-WebJobs, i-Jobs and i-Event are a range of Service Management modules designed specifically for businesses that have advanced order management and time & materials needs.

    About i-WorkOrders
    The i-WorkOrders module is a simple to use utility to allow creation of works orders from sales order line items, where the item on the sales order must be manufactured. The application allows manual over-ride of quantities to be manufactured, and pop-ups the works order screen to allow editing of build notes.
    The works order paperwork can be printed from the utility without needing to access the EXO works order screen.
    About i-WebTimesheet
    The i-WebTimesheet application module is a secure website providing remote users the ability to enter timesheeets in to EXO Job Costing. User login and permission levels are controlled through a simple administrator user interface. After a user logs on, they can enter their timesheet and upload any paperwork such as expense claims directly from the timesheet entry screen. Submitted timesheets are held pending the employees assigned manager approving the times booked to jobs.

    Managers can approve or deny timesheets on-line. The user can see the approved or declined status of timesheets on their login. Once timesheets are approved, the time and costs are automatically applied to the relevent jobs within EXO Job Costing.

    Where subcontractors are employed, we can optionally generate a Recipient Created Tax Invoice for the suppliers, based on approved time to the job. In this case, invoice costs are automatically applied to the job and invoices are available for payment processing.

    About i-TimeCapture
    Indivia’s -TimeCapture module is designed for manufacturers who want to capture shop floor staff time on manufacturing jobs. Fully integrated with EXO Job Costing, the time capture module features:
    • Simple and easy to use interface for shop floor staff
    • Can be used with or without barcode scanners
    • Up to 10 shop floor terminals per license
    • Scan employee name and job code to log on to job.
    • Optional scanning of work type on a job, suitable for staff performing various roles
    • Start and finish times captured to 3 minute increments
    • Management over-ride functions
    • Administrator users can setup new jobs, types, categories and resources

    About i-WebJobs
    i-WebJobs is a web based module application that provides the ability for employees or subcontractors to access jobs assigned to them, and book materials and time to the job.


    Unique to the platform are functions such as configurable OH&S checklists, as well as the ability to take before and after photos captured on the job site and upload to MYOB EXO in real time.  The i-WebJobs also allows user to create unique questionnaires which must be answered to gain access to the job.

    About i-Jobs
    i-Jobs is a module application for field service technicians who visit sites to perform maintenance jobs.


    The application runs on a rugged PDA, and allows real time entry of job updates, including booking time and materials to the job. The ability to create new jobs is also supported by the module.

    About i-Event
    Indivia have created a complete events booking system that caters for Events and Catering businesses requirements called i-Event.


    Being completely browser based, the module improves functionality in event planning – allowing quick pricing and on the spot decision making.


    Encompasses details such as dates, number of attendees, room rates and any other event scheduling details, the system also has an inbuilt calendar that accurately reflects timeline information about an event.


    i-Event automatically synchronises with EXO and creates a sales order for you to easily manage the invoicing process.

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