Indivia EXO Subscriptions Module

    The i-Subscription Billing module provides the ability to create one or more recurring billings for individual customers.

    Module Capabilities
    Designed for mass billings in environments such as trade unions, magazine subscriptions, monthly or weekly service fees, or any environment where regular on-going customer billings are required.

    The module allows creation of customer billings, on any billing cycle that you may require, for example: daily, 2 daily, weekly, 2 weekly, 3 weekly, 4 weekly, calendar monthly, 2 monthly, quarterly, 6 monthly, annually, and any other frequency you require. Billing runs can be created at the click of a button.

    When used in conjunction with the EXO Direct debits module, you have a powerful and flexible billing engine, with easy generation of collections (bank debits or credit card debits), and simplified allocation of collected payments to invoices.

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