Indivia EXO Warehousing Modules

    Indivia's i-Warehouse, i-ScanReciept, i-ScanPick, i-Stocktake, i-PurchasingPortal and i-Multibin are an advanced set of modules designed specifically to provide a complete end-to-end warehouse and stock management solution for EXO clients.

    About i-Warehouse
    i-Warehouse is a warehouse scanning solution that is ideal for businesses that need to monitor stock in remote warehouses.

    Running on Windows Mobile enabled devices i-Warehouse is ideal for doing spot inventory checks, performing bin transfers, scanning pick items from orders via multiple scanners, performing stock takes on multiple devices simultaneously and scan receipting stock from purchase orders.

    The system includes:

    • Initialise MYOB EXO stocktakes from the PDA for any location via 3G, if in a remote store location
    • Count stock on multiple devices simultaneously and consolidate counts into MYOB EXO
    • Scan increment counts, manually over-ride, or one button count all
    • View progress against initialised stocktake
    • Administrator and user logins with different permissions

    i-Warehouse Capabilities
    The i-Warehouse Module provides you with a set of tools that allow you to:

    Scan Picking

    • Supports simultaneous picks from multiple devices
    • Orders automatically pushed to devices for paperless picking (optional use of barcoded pick slip)
    • Users can select available order to pick next, and view orders allocated to other pickers.
    • Ability to park a pick, and re-open at a later time.
    • Pick performance reports per picker by lines picked, quantity picked, time per order and average time across all orders
    • Supports picking of batches, and batch identification by manual entry or scan entry. Batch quantities picked can be incremented by scanning or quantities can be entered on screen.


    • Allows selection of un-receipted PO’s to load items from the order to the device
    • Scan receipt of items to create an Inwards Goods Receipt within MYOB EXO

    Bin to Bin Transfers

    • Supports scan stock transfers from one warehouse bin location to another. Simply scan the bin code, scan the item, enter the quantity, then scan the TO bin code location to create the stock transfer.

    About i-ScanReciept
    The i-ScanReceipt applications can be packaged with the -Stocktake and i-ScanPick modules, or can be used independently. The application allows selection of an EXO Purchase Order, loads the items to be receipted on to the device, and then allows scan receipt. The warehouse receipt is then sent back to EXO from the device, and is then available for costing.
    About i-ScanPick
    Indivia’s scan picking solution provides the ability for warehouse operators to reliably pick items on orders. With any warehouse operation, product identification and accuracy in picking is critical to ensure customer satisfaction and to reduce returns and costly errors. Our picking system provides the ultimate solution.
    Whether you require one picking device or 100 devices for large volume order picking, Indivia’s picking solution can provide seamless orders direct from customers – straight to the warehouse pickers.


    Using the optional i-track ordering portal, customers can place orders on-line and have the order automatically record in EXO and be passed immediately to the pickers. When using multiple picking devices, each device is presented with new orders requiring picking, and then pickers can select an order. As soon as orders are selected, other users can see that the order is allocated to another device. The picker is immediately identified back on the sales order, and is visible to office staff. Picking start and end times are automatically recorded, and reports are available to identify high and low performing pickers, average time to pick per order, average time to pick per item, average time to pick per order line. All information is delivered to pickers and passed back to EXO real time.

    About i-Stocktake
    The i-Stocktake application was designed for scan stocktaking, where stock locations are remote from the head office or server location. Ideal for cloud server solutions, the i-Stocktake allows administrator level users to be able to initiate a stocktake on EXO remotely via a 3G connection or any WiFi connection, back to the server. Because it can run over 3G or wireless connections, the i-Stocktake PDA can be taken to any stock location to perform spot-checks on stores or warehouses.


    Alternatively, the stocktakes can be controlled and initiated from Head Office, and can be synchronised to the stocktaking device. The solution provides for multiple stocktake devices to be used simultaneously on a single stocktake – automatically consolidating multiple device counts in to EXO.

    About i-Purchasing Portal
    For ordering convenience and speed, Indivia offers an application to order from suppliers who are located in the MYOB EXO system through our web portal ordering system. Ideal for a business needing fast ordering turn around, the web portal purchasing application makes stock management fast and efficient. The online purchasing portal is browser based and compatible on both computers and tablets. Using the internet to place receipts, orders; managers will be empowered to make quick decisions, in addition with this there is also the ability to define user and role access. Ideal for retailers and events catering, the online purchasing portal gives fast ordering and efficient stock management.
    About i-MultiBin
    The Indivia i-Multibin solution module provides the following features to enhance stock capabilities:


    • Unlimited bins per stock item
    • Bin priority allocation, where each bin can be assigned a priority for picking and putting away
    • Bin attributes, such as position, maximum weight capacity, maximum volume capacity and configurable attributes
    • Pick face bin allocation, usually the priority one location
    • Inter-bin transfers
    • Multi-bin stocktakes, with special count sheets
    • Excel count upload function
    • Stock levels per bin reports
    • Empty bin reports for organising put away

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