Indivia EXO Warranty Module

    i-Warranty Returns is a logistics solution that is ideal for businesses that need to seamlessly control and track the return of inventory items.

    Module Capabilities
    The i-Warranty Returns Module provides you with a set of tools that allow you to:
    • Allow return of an item to an EXO inventory location called Warranty Returns
    • Allow stock adjustment / write-off of irreparable items returned.
    • Allow issuance of a Warranty Return Authorisation number, with reasons for return
    • Allow tracking of repairs done, technician, findings, and costs associated with repairs
    • Provide reporting on faulty items returned in a period, open items awaiting repairs, and closed items in a period.
    • Allow update of status of repairs, from a pre-defined status list, and to list items outstanding for each status type.
    • Cost reporting for repairs done.
    • Ability to allocate EXO items to a repair job, and to factor in the costs associated with the EXO inventory.

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