MYOB EXO Job Costing

    Manage the life cycle of your jobs and projects whilst providing insightful analysis of profitability and budget variance.

    Integrating the MYOB EXO Job Costing module into your planning process provides a reliable and accurate view of the entire project costing process.

    You can easily keep track of every stage from quote to completion and analysis. EXO Job Costing gives you valuable insight into your organisation’s costing procedures and variance against forecasted budgets.


    Integration with the MYOB EXO Finance Module gives enhanced control over every aspect of your business.

    Module Capabilities:

    MYOB EXO Job costing improves your ability to:

    • Plan and create accurate schedules
    • Determine and control job hierarchy within complex projects
    • Monitor job progress
    • Estimate and accurately budget
    • Present individualised quotes for customers
    • Reconcile stock, employee and machinery
    • Billing solutions that incorporate materials, time and performance on quoting
    • Monitor material usage in manufacturing operations

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