Magento & MYOB EXO Integration

    Magento and MYOB Exo make great partners. Both systems are robust and power successful businesses throughout the world. Indivia can help make the MYOB Exo Magento integration seamless and train your team up to use both platforms to their full potential.

    Magento is a powerful ecommerce platform, allowing dynamic online customer experiences. Online retailers using a Magento CMS can amplify its benefits by combining with MYOB EXO.

    By synchronising Magento with MYOB EXO, your organisation will realise the full potential of both systems. Indivia can help you to manage inventory, control online order processes and offer a total ecommerce experience.

    Customer details, products and pricing are all communicated between Magento and MYOB EXO. This means your company will have comprehensive, automated outputs for all ecommerce activities.

    Let Indivia integrate your existing systems to increase the value of your investment – contact us today.