MYOB EXO Consulting

    In addition to MYOB EXO ERP and implementation and customisations, Indivia provides MYOB EXO consulting services to help your organisation operate ERP software more efficiently.

    Along with our full range of MYOB EXO ERP systems, customisation and integration, Indivia also offers consulting services to help clients maximise the potential of their ERP software.

    Indivia provide expert knowledge of the complete range of MYOB EXO systems.

    In addition, we work with you to get a clear picture of how your business operates so that related business processes can be improved, which in turn increases the benefits of EXO systems.

    Indivia are leading MYOB EXO consultants covering a range of core business areas, including:

    • Human Resources
    • Finance and Management
    • Customer Relationship Management
    • Logistics & supply chain management
    • Business development and sales

    Our expert consultants average over 5 years of SAP experience, supported by over 5 years hands on experience in their chosen industries, providing comprehensive and insightful solutions for your business.

    Contact Indivia to discuss tailored solutions for your specific business requirements.