MYOB EXO ERP Platform Design

    Our MYOB EXO ERP consultants assess, design and implement improvements in your business operations. We remove workflow bottlenecks and focus on streamlining financial and operational processes.

    The selection and design of an EXO ERP platform – capable of sustaining both today’s and your future business needs is more than just a process of executing a standard methodology. It requires a team with granular knowledge of business systems and process models that can predict future business scenarios, map desired future functionality to existing ERP capabilities, as well as education of decision makers on various implementation plans that can be executed with confidence.

    Indivia’s ERP Design Team has these skills as well as the experience to execute these initiatives. Our ERP Platform Design services include:

    • A comprehensive set of Best Practice Business Process Models for different industries;
    • Functional and Technical Evaluation Criteria/Questionnaires;
    • Solution Design Architecture Models;
    • Total Cost of Ownership calculator; and
    • Selection methodology that positions the best MYOB EXO ERP solution for the client.