MYOB EXO System Integration

    Our development team includes project consultants, workflow and business analysts and software engineers who will work closely with you to design a MYOB EXO solution that integrates and interacts with your existing systems.


    Because MYOB EXO is underpinned by SQL Server technology, Indivia makes it possible to interface the platform (EXO) with a number of third party solution providers and applications, as well as with the standard add on modules developed by MYOB and Indivia.

    We have integrated EXO seamlessly with e-commerce web stores, existing POS solutions as well as CRM platforms. We’ve also successfully integrated EXO with various payment gateways and legacy supply chain management solutions.

    Because of it’s richly detailed and documented API, Indivia also possesses the capability to modify end-points and interactions within it’s own developed API to satisfy specific bespoke client requirements.