Generate powerful insights into your business using MYOB Exo enterprise accounting solutions. Analyse, control and grow with greater flexibility than ever before.

Integrating MYOB EXO ERP Solutions into your business strengthens the core of your entire operation. Clear, data-driven insights will guide the direction of the business, giving you the confidence and control to break new ground in your industry.


Dive deep into your business and find exactly what is working and where you need to improve. By taking a holistic look at the functions of your business at a granular level, you can take charge and support growth in your business


MYOB EXO provides your business with complete, functional and agile management solutions to help your function at the highest level. Here’s how:

  • Simplified GL functions and accounting
  • Multi-site/divisional assistance
  • Intuitive and easy-to-use systems
  • Complete CRM integration
  • Inventory and financial asset management
  • Logistics tracking and costing
  • End-to-end project and costing capabilities
  • Comprehensive Human Resource management
  • Unification of transactional records
  • Accounting workflows designed specifically for your unique requirements

Key Benefits

Insights for decision making
Make informed decision about every aspect of your business. Capitalise on your strengths and invest resources in opportunities to improve.

Control from the inside out
Get access to real time internal business information. Track costing and job progress to manage resources effectively and deliver results on time.

Ultimate Flexibility
As your business continues to achieve its goals and expand, you need the ability to integrate scalable systems that support and nurture growth.

Greater financial performance
Using the resources MYOB EXO offers, you can work towards achieving
financial goals now, and into the future

Need More Information?

EXO offers a suite of management solutions that you can tailor for your business. When it’s time to grow, we grow with you. We recommend amalgamating your EXO ERP platform with any of the EXO or Individual Modules to create a turnkey solution that’s right for your business.

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