ROI Calculator for Automation of Inventory Management

    Do you have an automated inventory management system?

    If not, then there are likely to be considerable cost savings available to your business.

    Use the calculator below to estimate your savings from automating your inventory management.  Fill in your details at the bottom of the calculator to receive a copy of the report.

    Per hour totals
    Per hour totals
    Total Overheads per hour
    (incl. of Overhead, rent, power, phone etc.)
    Total Labour Cost per hour
    (incl. of costs, super, leave)
    Total cost per hour
    Item Current
    Hours Spent
    (per week)
    Hours with
    (per week)
    (per week)
    (per week)
    Pick and Pack
    Pick & pack direct to warehouse
    PO Approval
    Printing and emailing PO's to suppliers
    Create PO from sales order
    Inventory Processing
    Stock Adjustments
    Serial Number/Batch Tracking
    Works Orders
    Bill of Materials
    Goods Inwards
    Receipt Inwards Goods
    Landed Costing of imported Goods
    Stock Item Search
    Inventory Transactions
    Multiple Contacts
    Custom Reports when needed

    Total Hours
    (per week)
    Total Cost
    (per week)
    Disclaimer: These calculations are based on general savings. Your savings may be more or less depending on your specific circumstances.