MYOB EXO Time & Attendance

    Manage complex payroll processes with this module designed to simplify and streamline your business.

    The MYOB EXO Time & Attendance module facilitates effective employee time measurement, simplifying sophisticated payroll systems.

    The EXO Time & Attendance module provides a system to maintain measurement of employee time records.

    By integrating with MYOB EXO Payroll, all relevant information is automatically shared and ready processing.

    This includes time logged by employees, as well as any applicable allowances or loadings as required.

    This allows all elements of payroll to be generated quickly and easily and assists in costing analysis and future job cost forecasting.

    Key Benefits

    Capturing detailed employee time records reduces organisational inefficiency and helps manage absenteeism and performance levels.

    EXO Time & Attendance provides reports that clearly show how employee time is being used across your organisation. For companies with rostered employees, all wage and salary costs are accounted for.

    Introducing EXO Time & Attendance lets you spot trends and indicators in labour costing and provides detailed reports for key decision making in your business.

    • Apply time and attendance measurement that is customised to your organisation’s pay scheduling and policies.
    • Calculate all regular time, penalty rates, holiday rates, employee leave periods, meal breaks, special allowances and record hours for different employee types.
    • Use the latest time recording technology including swipe and barcode readers and biometric time logging for complete accuracy
    • Simple setup ‘wizard’ and MYOB’s own ‘cycle’ approach allows the Time & Attendance module to easily be introduced into your organisation
    • Runs in conjunction with other applicable MYOB EXO modules including EXO Payroll, EXO Timesheet and EXO Timeclock
    • Prepare customised reports that detail the information most relevant to your business

    Need More Information?

    We recommend using the EXO Time & Attendance Module in conjunction with EXO Payroll.
    Please contact us for more information or to arrange a demonstration.