MYOB EXO Time Clock

    This module delivers simple and accurate employee time recording.

    Accurately measuring the time employees spend working is crucial for organisational management.

    Tracking employee’s time completely digitally provides a comprehensive and systematic method.

    The MYOB EXO Time Clock offers a simple, powerful solution.


    EXO Time Clock has the capability to register employee time tracking through a range of methods including fingerprint scanning, proximity based, manual swipe cards and keypad entry.

    By implementing thorough timekeeping processes, you can immediately improve other aspects of your business.

    As many other facets of your business depend on reliable employee timekeeping, MYOB EXO Time Clock will assist your payroll team and help with budget forecasting and team performance analysis.

    Key Benefits and Features:
    • A range of time clock employee identification options to suit your requirements
    • Additional measurements and costing allocations can be accessed through barcode scanners and manual keypad entry
    • Encourages a company-wide culture of accurate time reporting
    • Minimises human error and miscalculation of time records
    • Save administrative time manually handling employee time logs
    • Process timesheets immediately and link with other EXO modules for seamless integration and data transfer

    Combine EXO Time Clock with the EXO Time and Attendance module, and a high-class time capture solution is easily produced that provides seamless integration for immediate data processing.

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